Trees still a growing business despite Covid

Despite everything that Covid has thrown at us this year, there is one thing it cannot take from us and that is our festive cheer and our determination to make the very best out of a fairly dour year.

vidence of this will to have a big Christmas this year can be seen in the fact that Christmas tree farm owners are reporting good news on their sales fronts this year.

Not only have their sales not dropped at all this year, but in some cases, owners are reporting that people are actually spending more on decorations while others are actually buying two or even three trees at a time.

Speaking to The Kerryman, Nick Foley from the ‘Killarney Christmas Tree Farm’ said that people are determined to beat the gloom this year.

“What we’re seeing is that a lot of people are buying up to two trees sometimes instead of their usual one. It occupies their minds I reckon to focus on Christmas instead of everything else going on,” said Nick.

“A lot of people would have more disposable income this year because they haven’t really been able to go anywhere or do anything,” he continued.

“It [decorating the trees] is something that they can do at home because sure they can’t do anything else,” said Nick.

Similarly, Padraig Sugrue who runs the ‘Belfield Christmas Tree Farm’ in Farmers Bridge outside Tralee said that he’s also noticing that people seem to have a lot more disposable income to spend this year.

“What we’re seeing that people are buying earlier and I would say that thankfully our numbers will be pretty much the same as always,” said Padraig.

“We have a florists side of the business as well with wreaths and table centres and all that and again, what we are finding there is that the slightly better stuff is more popular this year than it would have been,” he continued.

“People would seem to have a bit more disposable income. They are buying the €30 table centres as opposed to the €25 ones. People are probably spending a lot more time at home this year so they maybe want that bit of extra quality,” he said. – News