Tralee nurses in UK offer vaccine help to local GPs

Two Tralee nurses who are working in the UK are offering their services to any GPs here in Tralee who may need extra staff to help with the vaccination roll-out programme.

ary Costelloe, a qualified nurse for the past 26 years along with her twin sister Anita Buschtoens are both fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have annual leave holidays coming up.

They told The Kerryman this week that they are willing, if allowed, to travel back to Kerry on April 9 where they said they will be willing to work all the 10 days of their holidays to help local GP’s with their vaccination rollout.

Mary, a nurse for the past 26 years, said that they just want to help to speed up the vaccine process so that they can come home to see their families sooner.

“I live in Torquay and I’m working as a nurse in Torbay Hospital there. Both me and my twin sister, Anita, we both live there and we are both nurses. We’re fully vaccinated and we would both be really keen to be allowed to travel back home in April for 10 days where we would be delighted to offer our services, free of charge, for 10 days to help out in our local community,” said Mary.

“Be it through GP’s or the vaccination programme. We’re willing work 10 days in a row to help out to help administer the vaccine to the people of Tralee. We want to give back to our community and we want the vaccine to be rolled out ASAP so that we can get back to visiting our family again,” Mary continued.

Mary added that if they not allowed to travel due to the restrictions, she and Anita are more than willing to travel over to help when they are lifted.

Any GP’s who wish to get in contact with Mary can do so through her work email which is or through her mobile number, 00447910029221. – News