Saoirse on cloud nine after Toy Show appearance

Eight-year-old Saoirse Moynihan from Tralee was one of the stand-out stars on this year’s ‘Late Late Toy Show’ on Friday night, and according to her mom, Michelle, she is already planning a return to the RTÉ studios in the future.

Saoirse, the ‘supervet’, as she was dubbed by host Ryan Tubridy, was an amazing guest as she talked to Ryan all about her two pet fish, Nemo and Splash; and her rabbit, Fiddles.

She explained that it was her dream to become a vet when she grows up because she loves taking care of animals. To demonstrate just how good her care skills were, Saoirse set to work on her toy dog, who had a very familiar sounding last name: ‘Toby Tubridy’.

In keeping with the main story of 2020, poor Toby had to get tested for COVID – and after it was revealed that he’d had three other known contacts with his fellow teddies, there was nothing else for it but for Saoirse to knock him out to administer him with the vaccine.

The fun did not end there, though, as Ryan explained that Saoirse, an avid reader, had written numerous letters during lock-down to many famous faces, including her local priest, President Higgins and author David Walliams.

Well, not only had David Walliams received her letters, he went one step further and appeared, via video link, to chat to Saoirse and answer some of her questions.

Walliams then said he was going to send Saoirse some presents including a signed copy of his new book ‘Codename Bananas’, a framed print from an illustration in the book, a boxset of his books, and a cuddly gorilla called Gertrude, the main character in ‘Codename Bananas’.

“She absolutely loved every minute of it. I said to her when we were leaving RTÉ that this was our last trip there and she said ‘maybe not, Mom’. She got a serious taste for it, she just really, really enjoyed the experience and she loved meeting people and asking questions,” said Saoirse’s mom, Michelle, speaking to The Kerryman after the show.

“I think that she was quite humbled meeting the other Saoirse and Adam, who were on the show as well. We got to meet them, and it was great for her to realise that not every child has their health and, so, she certainly got an appreciation of that.

“It was great from that point of view because she was able to empathise with other kids and realise that she’s very lucky to have her health,” Michelle continued.

To round out what has surely been the best weekend of her life to date, Saoirse, a pupil in Caherleaheen NS, was the hero as she returned to school on Monday with a very special task.

She was given the honour of announcing over the school’s intercom that all students were to be given no homework on Monday evening in celebration of her Late Late Toy Show appearance. – News