Records tumble at An Ríocht

Not everything went to plan on Saturday but, if anything, that highlighted the extent of what the Hickson family and their extended family have achieved since 2014 – and continue to achieve.

fter their latest heroics at An Ríocht Athletics Club in Castleisland, the Hickson crew have set an incredible 20 world records in six years, and four of these records came at the weekend alone, in support of the GOAL Mile.

Eamonn Hickson, who set the story in motion back in 2014 when he reversed a tractor and trailer from Dingle to Annascaul, had hoped to crawl the fastest recorded mile, but he had to bow out days beforehand due to injury. There was some slight disappointment also for his brother, Jason, who fell narrowly short in his bid to complete the fastest mile while dribbling a basketball.

But, overall, Saturday was a day of incredible achievement for Jason; his sister, Sandra; and her partner, Nathan Missin, as they set mile records aplenty.

And Eamonn, despite injury, was there to cheer them on and compile the evidence needed to verify the records.

“We decided on Thursday evening, based on the weather, that we were going to go for it on Saturday,” Eamonn told The Kerryman, “and we did get very good weather on the day.

“I also decided on Thursday evening that I wasn’t going to take on the mile crawl. My knees had been sore, and I didn’t think I was going to make the record, but I hope to have a go at it at a later stage, possibly next year.”

Jason and Nathan set a record for the fastest mile with a 50kg person on a stretcher, clocking in at 10 minutes and 52 seconds. Nathan also set a record for the fastest mile carrying a 60lb pack (six minutes and 54 seconds); and he also carried a 100lb pack in a world-record seven minutes and 29 seconds.

Nathan’s partner, Sandra Hickson, set a female world record for carrying a 40lb pack, completing her mile in eight minutes and five seconds, 55 seconds clear of the previous standard bearer.

It was all to raise the profile of the GOAL Mile, which will take place in ‘virtual’ form this year, and the charity’s CEO, Siobhán Walsh, was effusive in her praise of the record-breakers.

“The countless hours invested by the whole family to achieve the record-breaking results is just extraordinary,” she said.

“The Hicksons are a symbol of hope in a year that has been extremely challenging for people here at home and for our staff who have been working tirelessly to support million of the most vulnerable families.”

To take on the GOAL Mile at some point between December 24 and 26, you can register to complete your mile walk, jog, or run at – News