Preparations going well but more clarity needed

John Hickey, principal of the Presentation Primary School in Tralee has told The Kerryman that preparations are going well ahead of the school re-opening next Thursday August 27, but that more clarity on certain areas is still needed.

taff at the all girls school, which has 260 students, have been hard at work for the last few weeks trying to ensure everything is ready to go for the first day back since March.

Speaking to The Kerryman, John said that a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes as he listed out just some of work that has been undertaken including:

– removing and re-organising furniture in classrooms to ensure that all pods are at least one metre or more apart

– setting up safe arrival and dismissal procedures for pupils

– time tabling supervision

– identifying schedule and procedure for school cleaning

– ensuring that all PPE is up to high standards and much more.

As well as this, John was keen to promote the new creative space that that was built in the school in July.

“This space will prove useful as it is an outdoor classroom and will possibly be used if staff outside of a bubble need to address the group. It is also a space for children to enjoy the sensory garden, stage area, seating, installed musical instruments and we look forward to a grand re-opening when it is finished,” said John.

Despite all this though, John said that some concerns still remain.

“We’d like a bit more clarity on how much of a school will have to close down in the event of a confirmed case. Will it be just a pod, a bubble or even the entire school? The documents reference ‘HSE guidelines’ so we envisage the HSE being active in guiding the schools here,” he said.

“Additionally, induction training, we are still waiting. For example, if there is action needed on any points made in the inductiion, we are losing time on sorting it before we return,” he continued.

“The government has clearly been working hard getting information out to schools but the delay with induction training has been disappointing,” said John. – News