Maeve’s message in a bottle discovery

It certainly wasn’t your average walk on the beach for Maeve Ferris and her partner, Jason Fealing, last week as they stumbled across something you don’t see every day – a message in a bottle.

Maeve and Jason – who run the popular ‘Salty Souls Café’ – were out walking on the beach with their dog near Barrow when Jason spotted the bottle wedged in between some rocks in the water.

Dated from May 2013, the letter is signed by Curt and Babs Scott from Fort Lauderdale in Florida, who say that they threw the letter into the sea while they sipped “good wine” as they travelled aboard their 55-foot fleming trawler.

“This message was sent in the Gulf Stream heading to the Bahamas on our boat, a 55-foot fleming trawler. We are not shipwrecked, just drinking some good wine and fishing along our travels throughout the islands” the letter states.

“So far, over the many, many years sending these notes, we have had interesting responses from all over the world. If found, please contact us and let us know the date, where found and any other info you have. Happy beach combing,” it finished.

For Maeve and Jason, it was certainly not what they ever expecting to find on a day out together.

“Jason was just walking along some rocks and he was looking down, I think he was actually looking for a stick for our dog, and then he just shouted over ‘you’ll never believe what I’ve just found'” said Maeve speaking to The Kerryman after the discovery.

“He’d found a glass bottle poking out, and so he put his hand down between the rocks and pulled it out. It’s really cool,” she continued.

As they were far from the car when they spotted it, they decided to bury the bottle in the sand, and they dug it up then on their walk back to the car where they then did a video for Instagram of them smashing the bottle open and revealing the letter.

“The bottle sort of exploded when we hit it and there was broken glass everywhere, and sure the dog was trying to eat the glass like a lunatic, but we finally got to read it. We were thinking that they, Curt and Babs, must do this sort of thing quite often because of the fact that it was a typed letter and the fact that they’ve had a number of interesting responses from around the world. They do this regularly” said Maeve.

So far, Maeve said that she and Jason haven’t gotten around to e-mailing Curt and Babs but that they hope to get around to it soon to let them know that their letter has been found.

“It [the bottle] could have been stuck where we found it for a long time, what with the change in tides and stuff. It could have been lodged there for a really long time until we came along, who knows?” she said. – News