Kerry druids help Cork farmer to overcome standing stone concerns

Contrary to popular belief, many people are still choosing to live the druid life, even in places such as Kerry.

an and Karen Tetteroo, originally from Holland, have been living in Glenflesk for four years.

The couple are druids of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, a worldwide druid and the largest of its kind in the world.

“A druid is someone who aims to educate themselves along the lines of nature, become environmentally friendly and connects with spirits of the land. We also perform seasonal rituals,” Jan explained.

Jan has been interested in becoming a druid for many years, first researching the organisation when he was living in the UK, which happened to be run by an Irish woman. He then began his journey as a druid where he began studying over the course of twenty years.

Speaking on the popularity of the organisation in Kerry, Jan reveals there are four druids from across the county that meet regularly.

Jan and his wife perform ceremonies such as marriage, divorce, coming of age ceremonies and renewing vows.

These ceremonies are performed in the absence of a Christian alliance, where people want a spiritual wedding. They also perform rituals where they connect with spirits and clear away negative energy.

This was necessary last week when the pair were called upon by University College Cork to help Daniel Bohane in Skibbereen who was experiencing misfortune which was traced back to the knocking of an ancient standing stone.

“We suspect it was a bull who knocked over the stone and since then the farmer has had problems with flooded fields and cattle getting sick,” he said.

Jan and Karen performed a ceremony whereby they reinstalled the stone and cleared the air for the unlucky farmer.

“Our job was to connect with the spirits and make our intentions clear. We let them know we intended to do no harm and we have restored things back to as they were,” he added.

The druids explain it takes a while to be sure the misfortune is over and they are in regular contact with John to ensure normality is restored.

The couple live on a homestead nestled deep in the Kerry/Cork mountains, where they maintain an off-grid lifestyle, growing their own food and rearing hens.

When they are not carrying out seasonal rituals, Jan works as a web designer and his wife Karen runs a BnB from their home. – News