‘I felt a lot of love and happiness…’

A young Ballyheigue man has this week spoken of his shock and joy at discovering a sealed letter written to him by his mother, almost 15 years to the day since she passed away.

scar Brophy is now a father himself and is living abroad in Slovakia with his partner Hanka and their baby Misko and only discovered the existence of the letter – written in January 1994 when she and her family were on holidays in London – when he came home for Christmas last year.

His mom, Marie, passed away 15 years ago in January of 2006 and Oscar told The Kerryman this week said that her passing was the most transformative experience of both his and his brother Hugo’s life.

Oscar spoke to us this week about how he discovered the letter and how he felt getting a glimpse into the day-to-day life of mom at a time when he was just six months old.

“There was just a bag of baby photos and stuff from when I was a kid that my dad had left in my room because I have my own child now and I think he left them there just for nostalgia purposes. It was all just different things from 1993 and 1994,” said Oscar.

“Then I just found this sealed letter in this yellow envelope and then I just opened it up and there it was, a letter from my mom,” he continued.

Oscar said that he’d prefer to keep the specific contents of the letter private, but he was willing to give us a glimpse into what his mom wrote all those years ago.

“It was pretty much just a day in the life kind of thing where she was just describing what we were doing that day, what she was doing that day. We were walking around London. We were there because my dad was doing some sort of conference and we were all just walking around the city as a family,” he said.

As to how he felt on reading this letter and having his mom ‘speak’ to him after all these years, Oscar understandably was momentarily at a loss for words.

“It’s hard to say or describe how I felt. Obviously there’s still a lot of emotion around what happened because it was certainly the most formative experience of my life and that of my brother, Hugo. But, I didn’t feel sad reading it to be honest, there was instead this sense of happiness,” he said.

“I just felt a lot of love and happiness. It was a feeling that almost transcended time and space because there was this sense that this letter had been sitting there all this time, waiting for me to find it,” Oscar continued.

Oscar said that he has now been inspired by his mom’s long lost letter and has started to write his own similar letters that he will give to his son when he’s older.

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