Give your views on the future of the your county

Kerry County Council has commenced a three-month public consultation process on the new draft Kerry County Development Plan 2022- 2028 which covers all aspects of future planning and development of the county.

he draft document provides a broad framework for the way in which the local economy, society, environment, and the use of land in Kerry should evolve in an inclusive, sustainable, and progressive way.

It covers issues such as climate change, towns and villages, water and wastewater, energy, Gaeltacht areas, and tourism and recreation.

One of the key areas is housing and the public are urged to have their view on housing policies going forward particularly in relation to rural housing and the  given the county’s size and the need to address building vacancy in towns and villages. 

Climate change is also a key component of the plan and includes supporting a regional Decarbonisation Plan to provide a framework for action on decarbonisation across all sectors and support the Dingle Decarbonisation Zone pilot project. 

Plans for the future development of the main towns – Tralee, Killarney and Listowel – are are also included in the County Development Plan. 

Members of the public are now being asked to engage with a consultation process over the next eleven weeks during which the plan can be viewed and submissions can be made.

“This plan impacts every individual, family and community in our county and is the most important strategy which will be put in place for Kerry over the next six years,’ said the Cathaoirleach of Kerry County Council, Cllr Jimmy Moloney.

“That’s why we want everyone to contribute to the debate about how our county should be developed in the coming years, what should be doing with land, how do we address economic and community needs, how to we address climate change and how do we achieve objectives in areas like housing, the environment, energy use, planning, tourism and development,’ said Cllr Moloney.

The six-volume document is now available to download from and submissions and observations can be made through a user-friendly consultation portal on the council’s website.

Chief Executive of Kerry County Council, Moira Murrell, said that the consultation period on the Draft County Development Plan offers citizens a democratic and meaningful say in their own futures and the future of the county.

“We have already been through a number of steps in the process including consultation on a broad Issues Paper and there has been extensive input from elected members of the council. Now it is over to the people of Kerry to have their say.

“The vision set out in the plan is to provide for the development of County Kerry as an attractive, competitive and sustainable place to live, visit and do business, and where the quality of employment and educational opportunities, natural and built environment, cultural experiences and the strength and viability of its rural and urban communities are to the highest standards,’ she said.

The Draft County Development Plan 2022-2028 is now available online and in hard copy at all public libraries and the principal offices of KerryCounty Council in Tralee, Listowel and Killarney. Submissions can be made only through the online portal or in writing and must be received by 23 February 2022.

The plan can be found on – News