Gardaí to investigate if public order act breached

Killarney Superintendent Flor Murphy has ruled out any investigation into what premises the large group of revellers had been socialising in prior to the shocking scenes on Main Street on Saturday night.

e said that while gardaí have a remit when it comes to enforcing licensing laws, the incidents occurred on a public street, and any investigation will centre on breaches of the Public Order Act or criminal damage in a public place.

Superintendent Murphy also stated that such a scene was “unprecedented” for Killarney, adding that Saturday was “extremely busy” in the town and that incidents videoed on Main Street and College Street were responded to quickly by gardaí, and the crowd was dispersed.

He added that garda resources were seriously stretched given a critical incident in The Gleneagle Hotel. 26-year-old Doneraile man Darragh Sheehan was pronounced dead outside the hotel.

Supt Murphy said that Killarney has proven to be a popular staycation location but that, overall, such scenes or breaches of regulations are not common. He said that there are a number of investigations into potential breaches of licensing laws and COVID regulations underway in the district since businesses re-opened, but he declined to say how many – only that it was a “small number”. – News