Four fire tenders battle blaze at North Kerry farm

Four units of the Listowel and Ballybunion Fire Service battled a hay fire in Ballylongford for over four hours on Friday night, a fire which ignited in a shed and led to the collapse of the roof of the structure.

The alarm was raised at roughly 7.30pm on Friday as the fire ignited where bales of hay were in storage for the winter in sheds on the farm. Two fire tenders from Listowel and two from Ballybunion raced to the scene in the Kilcolgan townland, with the firefighters scrambling fast to begin dousing the blaze.

They were aided by the landowner who, using his own machinery, began dragging smouldering hay out into an adjoining field allowing the fire-fighters to douse it more fully.

Hay fires can be among the trickiest scenarios to face fire services, as the fire can race through the dead grass even with gallons of water drenching it. Its inflammable nature was demonstrated on Friday when some of the hay that had been dragged out and doused in the adjoining field managed to reignite.

It’s not known what caused the blaze, but hay is also known to ignite under certain circumstances.

Kerryman – News