Doctor ‘pleasantly surprised’ at low rise

GP Dr Eamonn Shanahan has said even though he is ‘pleasantly surprised’ at the relatively low number of COVID-19 cases in Kerry, uncertainty still remains as we head into the autumn and winter season, especially with children returning to school this week.

The number of cases of COVID-19 in Kerry currently stand at 326, a rise from 317 at the end of July. Cases numbers have so far remained below what many feared would be a significant rise in line with the increase in cases nationally since mid-July.

“We are doing more testing because we’re watching everyone with respiratory cases, but in terms of the number of cases nationally, Kerry has done reasonably well so far. I would be pleasantly surprised so far,” said the Farranfore-based GP.

Dr Shanahan cited the next two to three weeks as a critical phase as children return to school. He has concerns in this area as there tends to be a spike in coughs and colds when children return to school, and trying to tell the difference between that and COVID will heighten anxieties.

“The difficulty this year will be trying to tell the difference between colds and COVID. That’s going to be a problem,” Dr Shanahon said.

GPs continue to liaise with each other during the pandemic, and the latest assessment will focus on children under 13, who present with fever and other infections at this time. – News