Christopher’s an ambassador for books

Meet 10-year-old Christopher Lynch, your new ambassador for books, who is only too happy to share his love and passion for reading with the rest of the world.

hristopher, who has autism, is from Tralee, and he was this past week named as the new book ambassador for ‘To The Moon’ books, who will now be sending Christopher a new book for him to read every month.

He will then record himself reading the book out loud and record his own review of the book and who he thinks it will be suited for.

Speaking to The Kerryman, Christopher’s mom, Lisa, said that it’s a big deal for him to be chosen because he just loves reading so much and wants others to be able to enjoy books as much as he does.

“They were searching for brand reps, and Christopher, before all this, he had started a bedtime story series on my Instagram, and it was him reading a story every night and doing all the funny voices in the story.

“He realised himself that he is able to read but that not a lot of other kids can, those who are younger than him. He just loves reading out loud, so he wanted in this series to read stories that other kids could then listen to and they could enjoy his funny voices,” Lisa said.

Lisa added that she and Christopher had been putting these bedtime stories up on her Instagram every second night and that it was through this that he was discovered by the team at ‘To The Moon’ books and that they were delighted to have him on board as one of their book ambassadors.

“The fact then that he is autistic, this was a real draw for them because they really do want to be as inclusive as possible of all kids, so it was really great,” Lisa continued.

As to how the man of the hour himself, Christopher, is handling the news, Lisa said that he’s over the moon.

“The minute that they sent the message that they wanted him, he was just over the moon, and the fact that it was for something that he loves doing anyway, it just meant an awful lot to him.

“It was a real kind of a re-affirming thing to him that he was doing something that was really good,” Lisa continued.

The fact too that Christopher has autism is further helping to continually raise awareness and educate members of the local community more and more about autism, which can only be a good thing, said Lisa.

“It’s insane how much has changed in recent years in comparing someone whose autistic a number of years ago to someone who is diagnosed now,” she said.

Anyone who wishes to listen to any of Christopher’s bedtime book readings can head over to either @lisasrandomadventures on Instagram or @tothemoon_books. – News