Aidan’s generous gesture to old primary school

A successful Kerry business owner has this week decided to give back to his old primary school after they approached him to ask him to sponsor a single tablet device for one of their classes.

idan O’Carroll, who runs ‘Avalanche’, a web design company based in Ballyduff, was of course only too happy to help out his old school, but he then surprised them by deciding to go several steps further.

“My old primary school, Ballyduff Central National, recently approached us to sponsor a tablet for a student, and we would have been delighted to do so,” he said.

“I remember being 10 years old, and it was an old computer in Mr County’s room where I spent most of my time in Ballyduff CNS, fighting with anyone else who dared to even look in its direction!” joked Aidan.

“Thankfully, things have moved on a little bit and classrooms around the world now use tablets for dynamic learning. Of course, one tablet between 15 students in a class does not go far, particularly with the current pandemic.

“That is why we at ‘Avalanche’ decided to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tablet for every student, 15, in the class instead. With learning/schooling relocating online, not every student is fully equipped for this move so, hopefully, this donation will be able to help those who need it the most,” Aidan continued.

“It is fantastic to see local communities come together during this crisis to provide help for the most vulnerable, and I hope it will benefit our young minds for years to come.

“It may even lead to one of them growing up to be a full-time nerd like myself!” he joked.

Aidan told The Kerryman that the school was delighted with the news that it would be receiving 14 more tablets than they expected.

“It’s my old school, so we wanted to help them out as much as we could, and we were very happy to do so,” said Aidan on Tuesday afternoon.

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