‘A different year’

The current Rose of Tralee Dr Sinead Flanagan will go down in the history books forever as the first Rose of Tralee to hold the title for two years in a row.

Instead of heading over the crown next Tuesday night Sinead will remain on as the reigning Rose of Tralee, following the cancellation of the festival amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.,

“The committee asked me to stay on and I am honour and delighted to do so,” she said.

“I am lucky to get another year. It was not in the plan but this was in no-body’s plan .. We are all staying on in our roles and I hope to do more this year and continue the great family festival that it is.”

Though it is with some sadness as she will not be returning to Tralee to the festivities she does hope to pay a visit this weekend to catch-up with some of the local Rose committee. Though nothing major is planned they will be marking what should have been the festival weekend.

“We are all really sad not be coming to Tralee and not to have the run-up to the festivities .. It is so stranger but we are all well and healthy and that is what matters. It is an unprecedented like everything this year.”

Sinead knows more than most what the country has been facing in her role as a Doctor. In facing incidentally she has just completed an MA in Public Health and is now working in pathology which is the study of the cause and effects of disease and her focus in on cancer.

Despite her Rose activities being curtailed by Covid-19 Sinead still managed to undertake some of the most important duties including a visit to Kolkata earlier this year.

“It was absolutely fantastic. It was eye-opening to see the differences in life over there. The Hope Foundation does such work over there and it is a lovely relationship that the festival has with them,” she said.

Sinead also travelled to Chernobyl just before lock-down with 13 other roses.

She said she was ‘lucky’ to get to undertake some charity work and is hopeful, depending on the pandemic, to undertake other Rose duties.

And more than anything she hopes to return to Tralee next year and travel down Denny Street in the annual parade which she describes as the ‘highlight’ of the festival.

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